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It is our deep honor to welcome you into this loving space.

The Goddess of Gaia Sanctuary is a living art curation created by the Goddesses of Gaia team and loving volunteers. This service is offered to small, mid and large sized festival and music gatherings. In the sanctuary, we offer adornments, workshops, comfortable spaces, art supplies, creation stations, libations like tea and cacao as well as mental health support for festival goers.

There are opportunities to volunteer and camp with us as we travel through the festival season.

We are here to share an experience inspired by and in alignment with divine feminine principals. Goddesses of Gaia believes that this is our innate nature; the key to bringing ourselves and our world back into natural harmony.

We build the foundation for this offering and all others on the principles of truth, balance, integrity, justice, authenticity, collaboration, feminine leadership, intuitive intelligence, compassionate communication and the interconnectedness with all of life.