Goddesses of Gaia

Empowering sisterhood for the healing of our planet


Experience deep personal healing and the emergence of your sacred feminine/masculine as a fully embodied, divine state of being.  

We call you to reconnect your spiritual roots as a natural born healer and celebrate all things Goddess.

We are an inclusive community and many of our events are open to all genders, identities, and person-hoods.


Who we are

Goddesses of Gaia is a Southern California based event production cooperation devoted to the empowerment of human and non-human relations. We center earth-oriented, feminine, healing and artistic experiences


what we do

Goddesses of Gaia encourages every creatrix to shine by offering healing and personal exploration through sister circles, workshops, retreats, service, festival pop-ups and various community-based initiatives


why we do it

Goddesses of Gaia joins together for our higher selves, the planet and all our human and non-human relations. The time has come to mobilize toward a more harmonious future for the next generations