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Conscious Event Planner


Hi, I’m Petra “Priestess of Play” and I am one of the co-founders and divine channels of Goddesses of Gaia. I am an intuitive healer, entrepreneur and the founder of Ethos Experiences: a conscious events & retreat production company on a mission to uplevel our culture, one experience at a time.

Creating heart-centered experiences is truly my dream job because it combines all the things I love the most: community, creativity, authenticity, play and serving humanity by empowering ourselves to BE the change we want to see in the world. ⁣

For the past 3 years I have been living in Orange Country, CA, where I have fallen in love with SoCal’s amazing tribe. Building conscious community is my greatest passion, and I have produced over 20 events in the past year alone. My curious, creative and multi-passionate personality has inspired me to host & co-produce everything from women’s circles, conscious improv classes, festival sanctuaries, fundraisers, workshops, retreats and more.

In Goddesses of Gaia, you’ll usually find me behind the scenes channelling epic event visions and working with the team to bring them to life. With my background in marketing, I love creating inspiring posts and invitations that empower and grow our community. I manage Goddesses of Gaia’s Facebook and Instagram pages- so if you send us a message, chances are you’re talking to me!


Kristianne Scheier - Education & Media

I am a Medically trained Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher as well clairvoyant, channel, luminary and visionary who facilitates healing services out of SynerChi Reiki, an OC healing community center.

Focusing healing work for mother-baby and Charka healing, I am also passionate about being a conscious community networker and supporting holistic entrepreneurs. Her vision to support Gaia’s planetary healing is cultivated in the SoCal holistic community groups I have curated; co-ed conscious group Goddess Rising Within and woman’s circle Goddesses of Gaia. Currently, I am assisting with integration of Reiki amongst recovery facilities across OC as well. Her focus is to lessen and transmute the extensive amount of stress, disease, pain, depression, anxiety, and all such unhealthy human states of experiences.

I can only hope that the Inspirational workshops, healing sessions and care she provides will encourage all to heal themselves and Gaia while fully flourishing in their divine life’s purpose.


Mikaela Valentino - Education & Outreach

INFJ ~ Virgo Rising

Hello family, I am “the earthy one” of this collaboration! As young teacher and activist focused on wombyn’s reproductive liberation, psychedelic freedom, and spiritual-ecological psychology, I’m here to bring an indigenous, black and decolonized perspective to the events and spaces we curate. 

In 2017, I earned a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in women’s studies, ethnic studies and gender and sexuality from the University of California at Riverside. Currently, I co-facilitate women’s circles, psychedelic harm reduction education and women’s wellness workshops.  Throughout this lifetime, I’ve studied under teachers in a variety of fields including Afrocentric Spirituality, Tantra, Yoni Steaming in the Ma’at Tradition, and Teonanacatl medicine.

Today and in all days, I am here to educate, to raise the vibration and awareness of our collective, and to stand as a beacon for any seeking strength and support. When working within Goddesses of Gaia, I am usually found with a hammer in hand or tending to a fire with a smile on my face. Ashe!


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